It’s finally here!

As some of you may have already read, the admin planned on doing some comics themselves.

Well… it’s not the slice of life one that has started on updates, but a different one-

Interesting nonetheless! Maybe…

oh well.

Here a preview of the upcoming art


And of course the link to Project:NewWorld



Under the Aegis

Under the Aegis is a webcomic by Vimeddiee.


The story of Under the Aegis is about the seven so called Wielders, people who are chosen at birth to be, well, the wielder of a weapon own to their race. If one is to die, they all die. They are in a battle against time to find the seventh and last Wielder, and to maybe, hopefully, be the first ones to accomplish their destiny. That is as for as long as nobody interferes…



The protagonists of the story are, of course, the Seven wielders, all originating from another race.

The first one we are introduced to is Mattie, a sweet, swordwielding girl.

Next up would be Dorian, huge and wearing an eye-patch, he wields the dagger.

Nen, caring prince of Thalassa, wields the trident.

Gawain, a carefree person, as his wings would characterize him, has arrows to fight with.

Sienna, hotblooded and always up for a hunt, is more than happy to use her spear.

Samurai, levelheaded and of an extremely quiet nature, wields the katana with immense grace.

And lastly we have Shiloh, who will stay a mistery for quite some time.



The art is simply put, very, very pretty. It’s colourful and neat, the people depicted always have correct anatomy, and the backgrounds look breathtaking. All in all, the art matches the story’s theme, and what more can you wish for?


Aaaaand some fanart to round it up!


Where to find it:





Their series “No Panic Button” over at Tapastic

If you feel it in your heart, please consider supporting the Artist.

The Grim’s Reading List


so basicly this will just be a giant list of webcomics the admin is reading right now and that are currently ungoing.

it will be updated from time to time, since new comics are being published non-stop.

maybe in the near future there will also be a list of completed webcomics. well, we’re gonna find out anyway, now aren’t we?



they are in no particular order, since the admin can’t decide on a specific ranking.



Under the Aegis from Vimeddiee

Shoot Around from Suspu

Bluechair as well as Owlturd Comix from Shen

Winter Woods from Cosmos and Van Ji

Hooky  from Mìriam Bonastre Tru

I don’t want this kind of hero from Samchon

Siren’s Lament from Instantmiso

Just for Kick! from J☆F

Ghosts among the wildflowers from Ghost Wintersnow

Overdrive from Sirinitybeast

Super Secret from Eon



Kings Folly from Whispwill

Rock and Riot from Chelsey Furedi

Name Pending from CK

Mondo Mango from The Kao

Broquest from Rockafiller

Witchy from Ariel Ries

The House on the cliff from Mar Julia

Fisheyeplacebo from Yuumei

Satan and Me from Orangeplum

Les Normaux from KnightJJ

Stutterhug from Samantha Davies

Snailed It as well as Snailogy  and Nightmare Factory from SnaiLords



(and just so many more that will be added to this list soon enough)






Please notify me if any of the links aren’t working, or, if you as the author don’t want them to be shown


This blog is dedicated to the beauty of webcomics.

(Trying) There will be weekly, or twice a week, a post talking about one specific comic.

Briefly, the art, the setting, plot and other points will be talked about. Some panels (as long as I have permission) will be showed too.

And at the end, a little fanart (mostly done by the admin) will be included.

The genre of the comic will be tagged, as well as that links will be included as to where you can read and follow it.


All parties have been asked for permission. Nothing should be posted without explicit agreement. Afterall, they put hours of work into their comic. Their will should always be respected.

 If there are any further questions, or comic recomendations, tell me!